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Ekspresi Wajah

Assalammualaikum wr.wb
First of all I apologize for the photographs have involved you in my blog wall.
However, in my opinion, it was incredible funny and appropriate for the show.
When I saw the expression on your face as seen here, then I personally have the initiative to collect the photos.
I look forward, hopefully with a view, you can be inspired again to create one or several scenes in the picture. Either from 
mobile phones or from digital camera.
It would be nice if the photos are taken, is not in the editing tricks (the original).
And hopefully you can get a little smile...!!!

Yaya Koswara, still my best friend. At the time this appears in the photo, it looks like there is a problem. Hopefully the problem is not prolonged.
Successful greeting for you..!!!

Fajar Bambang W. is a good friend of mine, from childhood until now.
Former band vocalist Sarajevo is also famous for his behavior is naughty and stubborn, but the full responsibility in taking care of the household. Agile, tough, and smart talk when you're in business.
Hopefully your business smoothly.
Greetings JEVO ...!!!
Frilla JEVO
Frilla Jevo, that's a popular name among my friends. Former member of the Sarajevo band versed in playing his bass guitar. Had several times won in the category of best bass guitar player. Hopefully this adds more advanced in the world wrestle Band.
Success my friend ...!!!
Daud Fralentre Mangguai Guai
Daud F. Mangguai Guai
This friend, Daud F. Mangguai Guai, was incredible in the interaction. It seems from Sabang to Merauke, he knew, because she would not shut up. Diligent, tenacious and lively character that he has. And now he moved back to their home areas, namely Flores.
Good luck, Daud ...!!!

Ikky Zazkya, a beautiful name, she was an expert in every field. Starting from the art of clothes design, construction, child band, food and many others. His career in music has left him, even once the group entered the recording studio with his band named .... I forgot to mention.
This young as he had several times to worship Forum. And now he has a snack food company in the field. His business was incredible.
Good luck ...!

Andri Mardiansyah ANGGARA, his name. This is my nephew, who served in Battalion 315 Infantry Brigade in the city of Bogor.
Had served in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea border, in the year 2009.
Succeeded in always for you ..!!!
Soon to be promoted ...!!!
NIA Rahma Novianti

Nia RAHMA Novianti
This is my niece, Nia Rahma Novianti his name. Born in Bandung City in November. This cute girl always comes with a cute face, with his eyes "belo" plus lip curls. Performance "Tomboy", nimble, agile and smart way.
Basis ....
Success for you ...!!!
After running SisKamLing!
Still on my nephew. Iyank STONE's close calls his friends. Good at playing the guitar melody. Position in his group band as a guitar player he is melodic. His band's name is PONDAZEE. Its pretty good gig experience in various cities in West Java.
Continue your struggle ... my nephew !!!

Shown with style SLASH
Wow ... beautiful and sexy, the mother of two children. It still looks very young. One would think that he's the status of the girl, but it is not!
He was tall and large, fit to work on aircraft as a flight attendant.
Currently she worked in corporate banking.
Good luck ...!
Sari Zazkya Adhiyaksa
Camelia Adhiyaksa & Sari Zazkya Adhiyaksa


Camelia Adhiyaksa its full name, the eldest of the couple Mr. H. Deddi Adhiyaksa & Hj. Ratna Juariah. Living in the city of Bandung. This woman is beautiful inside and out. His appearance was so adorable!
Good luck
to you!

Agy Muhamad Firza Lesmana, full name. Living in the City of Bandung with his parents. This eldest son looked energized on a daily basis. Well ... hopefully it so..!!!
These children have so many women, and she loved her own. Perhaps many of the victims of his ferocity..!!!
Let's not sit my lazy..!!!

Money floods !!! 

Shendy Martienz Juliansyah, full name. PONDAZZE Band vocalist is indeed very fond of playing poker, he often wins. He loved his brother when he received a lot of money and he split it around. This appearance when he won playing poker, great ...!!!  

I kissed each one of this money!


Digo Rezky PRASETYA, was born in Bandung on Sunday exact date of August 29, 1999. During my little boy is very naughty, but sometimes funny. Now he is the school in SMPN 33, ask for forgiveness ...., love the late, whereas the distance from home to school nearby. Basis ....!!!

Sitting on a roof

Gintar, nicknames daily basis. So stubborn! He includes Poker addict. These men often pick up beautiful women. Nevertheless, he was kind.
Hopefully become a Sholeh..!!!
Success always TAR...!!!

Gentar Tak Maju

the Handsome

Achmad Ramdhan lived in the city of Bandung, exactly on Jl. Bbk. Tarogong. He is my best friend from childhood until now. Has a strong character, firm and his incredible spirit. See it, shoot yourself while surfing. How could ...???
Still own you know ....!!!
Good luck to you ...!!!

Muhamad RAFI, his name. Born in Bandung seven years ago. This child is intelligent, diligent and smart. Unfortunately, her fierce love for others, likes to hit people without conscious.
Son of Mrs. Iis Karniaty second class in this school SDN Buahbatu Bandung.
Do not daydream...boy !!!
May be a child who Sholeh...boy !!!

Prieska Meigasari Soedir, the full name of this beautiful girl. Born in Bandung City in May 1992 the daughter of Mrs. Iis Karniaty was performed with a sassy style, spoiled and super cute. Exciting!
Success of his lectures ...!!!
appear attractive

This is Karniaty Iis mother, was born in Bandung, exactly on 21 April 1966. Beautiful and young. Busy day to day financial contracting company PT. SATRIA GRAHA. Always appear with the Muslim fashion chic and charming.
Success is always Mom ...!!!

Renzy, his familiar nickname. Currently the school at the University of ....... Candidates for this young architect living with his parents in Majasetra Majalaya Bandung regency. Tall, with white skin and clean.
Good luck ...!!!
Anwar Ibrahim, the brother of my good friend, Ramdhan. Born and lived with his parents in Bandung, Jl. Bbk. Tarogong.
Active in the mobile phone business.
This handsome young man is still alone.
Success for you..!!!
With its cool look
Deni Supriatna, real name. Abah nickname daily basis. A father was active in various businesses, such as in the field of clothing and contractors.
Vicasseven business is brand clothing. Pretty intense.
Abah was very pleased with the entertainment and sports. Often hold a motor tour to various communities outside the city of Bandung with the motor size, the Kawasaki Ninja.

Who is this ..???
Is the eldest brother, Mr. Toyo its name, was born in Bandung in 1953. Former Green Beret members of Battalion 310 Kujang 1 Sukabumi this ever go to war several times in Timor Timur. Is also a former member of the Intelligence Detachment had retired since 2000.
Now the activity as a band manager PONDAZEE in Bandung.
Good luck ...!!!

Mr. Freddy, Ikky Zazkya and Dicky Handokomovic while swimming fun in Waterboom.
Why Dicky's face like that ..???
Dicky Handoko Movic, his name. Is a friend of my junior. He did not easily give up the job, and never get angry if someone was taunting him. His appearance is simple and so confident. Now working for Nannutz Point Centre (Business in the field of snack foods) together with his cousin.
Success ... Ky...!!!

Farel Ringgobani is my grandson, and Ananto Wibowo is my niece.
Farel was a smart kid, smart and clever way in prayer. He was a student in kindergarten class zero. While his parents are an entrepreneur in the field of clothing, printing, advertising and the business side is fried chicken.
Not bad ...... he said.
Good luck ...!!!

Derry Juliansyah his name, was born in Bandung in 1992 ago. Now living with his parents in Jakarta. Schools are still in high school, and started getting ready for graduation exams.
little about my nephew.
Be diligent
to learn, in order to get good grades ...!!!

Tasya Claudiavita Lestari full name. Born in Bandung, exactly on the date of August 30, 1999. Different from one day with my son, DIGO.
Tasya schools in District 24 Junior High School Bandung.
Beautiful, clean, white skin has. A little fat, because eating a lot.
Be diligent to learn ...!!!

Marceline his the name. Selin calls a day basis. He attended the Institute of Computer Education Indonesia. Beautiful, tall, white and clean. He's still alone you know ...!!!
Success for you ...!!!

Mrs Aam Aminah is the wife of Mr. Fajar JEVO. Her daily care of the household. Mother is diligent and tenacious person. He was tall pretty, and white skin.
Deserve a basketball athlete
Success ...!!!

This is Yudi, was born in Quezon City City Central Java, in 1978 the last. Tenacious and rarely talk. Now he works in the snack food company Nannutz Centre Point, Jl. Bbk. Ciparay Bandung.
He's still alone you know ...!!!
I swear ... not me edit this photo..!!!
Hendra, his name. Born in Solo, 17 years ago. Lived with his parents at Jl. Tanjung Laksana Bandung. Still in school. Mischievous and stingy person.
His favorite game of cards and billiar.
Appearance in this picture, pointing out that he was a little emotional.
 Asky is his first name. Wife of Ikky Zazkya Adhiyaksa, this beautiful and charming. Innocent and rarely spoke. Mother of four children still looks very young. Always energetic and spirit. The day was busy with the day care employees in the company's snack "Nannutz Center ponit".
Descendants of Thaipei ..? Instead he was a native.
Good luck to you ...!

Bella Reisi, her name. Born on January 24, 1997 ago. Child from a good friend of mine named Mr. Agus. He is now attending school in District 33 Junior High School Bandung.
Beautiful, graceful and charming.
Be diligent learn ... Beautiful..!!!

B3LLA Reisi
Desi, his name. He was a friend at school my niece, Nia. R Novianti.
Shown with Muslim dress like this, looks beautiful and graceful.
Good luck ...!!!

So .... beautiful, graceful and charming. Fingky, his name. Living in Bandung, Dago atas.
Hopefully this beauty was not only outside, but beautiful inside and out.
Sweet greeting for you ...!!!

And ...., the latter, still a good friend of mine, namely Yaya Koswara.
I want to give a little advice for a friend on this one: If you want a laugh, try to change his first tooth. wkwkwkwkwk .......
Sorry friend, we have a lot to laugh ....!!!

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